SONM Optimus is a software component for Supplier. It is a seller-bot which analizes SONM Market and manages Worker resources to conclude most profitable deals.

Working process

  1. SONM Optimus starts automatically when Worker OS starts.
  2. After start Optimus analizes current BID orders on Market and current Worker's remaining resources available for scheduling.
  3. Optimus chooses the cost effective combination of resources to sell and create ASK orders matched with the most expensive BID orders, and initiate the deal creation. And this step is executed for all free resources.
  4. After the deals start, Optimus goes on monitoring of Market. And if it finds more effective BID order, it closes a spot deal on the appropriate resources and create new ASK order for this BID. Thus, the most profitable sale is performed.

Configuration and management

All SONM components for Supplier are: GUI, CLI, Client Node, Worker, Optimus.

SONM Optimus is included in the default auto-installation script (view Getting starter as a Supplier page).

SONM Optimus is an optional component. When Optimus workes Supplier cann't create ASK plans manually. Supplier may start/stop Optimus at any moment:

  • to stop Optimus use: sudo service sonm-optimus stop,
  • to start Optimus use: sudo service sonm-optimus start.

Optimus may be also installed manually from DEB packages or Repository. In this case configure SONM Optimus in config file sudo nano /etc/sonm/optimus-default.yaml: