Profiles Guide

Updated on 24-05-2018.

SONM profiles

What is SONM profile

SONM user profile is a set of information about the user (attributes), tied to his Ethereum address. Information about the user is collected by certain authorized services/organizations using smart contracts. Authorized service performs special mmart contract record (profile certificate) in SONM blockchain. Each type of user information (telephone, KYC, facebook profile, etc.) corresponds to a separate certificate.

The composition of certificates received by the user define his status in SONM:

  • Anonymous - no certificates issued;
  • Registered - the user registered his cellular phone for Ethereum address (user can choose the option to publish / not to publish his phone number for all);
  • Identified - KYC certificate is issued by authorized service (confirmed compliance with identity documents);
  • Professional - KYC certificate is issued (confirmed compliance with identity documents) and confirmed information that SONM user is a professional cloud-provider.

Note: The user can not independently enter information about himself in the profile, only through the external certification.

User can use a number of SONM functions depending on his status.

  • Anonymous. Use all functions of SONM Wallet and Market, except:
    • User cannot run custom Docker containers. Only from SONM Whitelist.
    • Not rated (always 0).
  • Registered. Has all the rights of Anonymous, and additionally:
    • Has a rating, other users can view his deal statistics.
  • Identified. Has all Registered rights, and additionally:
    • Can run custom Docker containers (not included to SONM Whitelist).
  • Professional. Has all Identified rights. This identity level may show potential customers the supplier is a professional cloud provider, has employees for 24h support, redundant power suppy and network bandwith, certified tech team, etc.

User profile include the following sections of information (if exists):

  • Section 1 "Account details" includes information about the user:
    • Logo - user or company logo.
    • Name - user/company name (marketing name).
    • Status - Anonymous, Registered, Identified or Professional. -- Additionally, for "Identified" signs "Corp" (if there is a Certificate of Corporation) may be indicated.
    • i-button near status - describe user status in the form of pop-up text.
    • Country.
    • Gravatar, Account - Gravatar and the Ethereum address of the user.
    • Site - user/company website URL.
    • Phone - user phones.
    • E-mail - user e-mails.
    • Social networks - links and names on Facebook, Twitter or other social media.

i-button near attribute - information about the verification of the attribute. The information includes a list of the names of the confirming services.

The "Validate attribute" button is the button for switching to the attribute validation. Allows you to select a service and proceed to certification.

  • Section 2 "Certificates" may include:
    • Gold certificate is about getting the status of Identified.
    • Silver certificate is about getting Registered status.
    • "Is corporation" exists if the KYC service has confirmed that the user is an organization.

"Pass the certification" button allows you to select a service and pass certification.

  • Section 3 "Description" includes the user's description of himself, if there is a confirmed KYC certificate.

  • Section 4 "SONM Statistics" includes:

    • A table with information on deal statistics in SONM for this account for all time. The "As a –°onsumer" column shows if the account participated in deals as a buyer. The "As a Supplier" column shows if the account was active in deals as a resource provider. Indicators are calculated separately for deals of the supplier and the buyer:
    • Active orders - the number of active orders on SONM Market. Click to the number to switch to SONM Market and view this orders.
    • Deals count - the total number of user deals in SONM.
    • Deal average time - the average time of the user deals (in hours).
    • Total deals sum - is the total amount of payments for all deals made/get by the user in SNM.
    • Month deals sum - s the amount of payments made/get by the user for the last 30 days.

How to view my profile

Your user profile creates automatically when you add the account to the Wallet in status "Anonimous". You will have as many profiles as the accounts.

To view your profile click the "Show profile" button on the account information page.

After creation your profile has the status "Anonymous" and includes minimum information:

  • Gravatar, Account address;
  • Status is "Anonymous";
  • Button "Pass the certification".

To increase your status you should follow the instruction: Pass the KYC certification.

View SONM user profiles list

To view SONM users profiles list go to "Profiles" page. Profiles list include only users with statuses Registered, Identified or Professional. The table consists of the breaf descriptions of the users that include information:

  • Logo or gravatar, name (if specified), account address;
  • User identity level;
  • "Orders to buy" - the number of actual orders on the Market for purchase; value is a link to the Market where you can see these orders.
  • "Orders to sell" - the number of actual orders on the Market for sale; the value is a link to the Market where you can see these orders.
  • "Total deals sum" is the total amount of payments for all deals made/get by the user.
  • "Month deals sum" is the amount of payments made/get by the user for the last 30 days.
  • User country.

You can use filters above the table to search users by the attribute values: Role (Customer, Supplier), Identity level, Country, Search by account address/name.

Click on the row to see user profile details.

What is your personal blacklist

Your personal user blacklist in SONM include users that never will have the opportunity to make a deal with you.

When you iniciate the finish deal procedure you may include your contragent to the blacklist (for the additional information see in Market Guide).

Only you can include user to your blacklist.

Filling the profile

Pass the KYC certification

To get the Registered status you should certify your identity by telephone number.

  • Click "Pass the certification" button.
  • Follow the service instructions.

After the end of the process your status will be updated and your certificates will be added to the profile page.