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Wallet Guide

Updated on 24-05-2018.

Getting Started

What is SONM GUI

SONM GUI is a free, open-source, client-side interface for SONM system. SONM GUI allows you to interact directly with the Ethereum blockchain.

Installing SONM GUI

You may use next SONM GUI installation packages:

  • Web-version. Follow the link on github.
  • Html (local) version. Follow the instruction:

    • Download sonm-wallet-version.zip from github.com/sonm-io/Wallet.
    • Unpack it to any folder on your PC.
    • To start application open file index.html in Chrome, Firefox.


    • Support for wallets storage (ability to remember your Ethereum accounts and history) is based on browser local storage.
    • For standalone Wallet package local storage is supported only in Chrome, Firefox. This explicitely is not working in Safari. If would like to use stanalone Wallet package we recomend use Chrome or Firefox.
    • For hosted Wallet package local storage is supported in major browsers.
    • All features are supported on stock browser configuration. If you have privacy protecting plugins (such as Ghostery or Betterprivacy) your local storage may be not working.
    • If you install browser plugins that alter basic browser functionality we can not guarantee the functionality of our Wallet. Proceed on your own risk (you should understand what you are doing).
    • You will see SONM GUI login page.
  • Electron version (used Electron browser, we provide only x64 binaries) for different platforms: Linux, MacOS and Windows. Follow this link.

SONM GUI network modes

SONM GUI may work in two network modes:

  1. Livenet - working in Ethereum livenet, where you may use real coins and tokens.
  2. Rinkeby - working in Rinkeby testnet, where you may test all SONM features for free.

You choose network mode when you create new wallet. Every wallet may workes only in one mode. During your using SONM GUI you allways can see your network mode in the top right corner.

How to access your wallet

  • If you already use SONM GUI and create your own single wallet please enter your password in the login form and click the “Login” button.
  • If you already create several wallets please select the wallet from the drop-down list and click “Login”. Then enter your password.
  • Your wallet information should show up.

To change the wallet use the "Exit" button and choose the another one.

Also you may import wallet from the wallet local file (see How to export/import your wallet).

How to create new wallet

  1. To create new wallet click "Create wallet" on the login page.
  2. Enter wallet name (maximum length is 20 symbols). All wallet names should be different.
  3. Enter password and password confirmation.
  4. Choose the network mode of the wallet - Livenet or Rinkeby (see SONM GUI network modes).
  5. Click "Create wallet".
  6. View SONM GUI welcome page!

You can create an unlimited number of wallets. Don’t forget your passwords.

How to export/import your wallet

You can export your current wallet settings (set of accounts with Keystore files, set of tokens, history) to the local file. The exported file is unified for all platforms of SONM GUI builds. The wallet local file is encrypted by your wallet password.

To export wallet:

  1. Click the "Export wallet" button on the "Accounts" page.
  2. Choose the local folder and click "Save".

To import wallet local file:

  1. Start SONM GUI.
  2. Click the "Import wallet" button.
  3. Select wallet local file.
  4. Input wallet name.
  5. Input wallet password.
  6. Click the "Import" button. You will start working with this wallet.

Lost the wallet password

Wallet stores your accounts’ keystore files and transaction history. Wallet encrypts all this information with your wallet password. In order to ensure your security & privacy we cannot recover or reset your wallet password. Try to not forget or lose your wallet password.Try to keep your keystore files in several safe places.

Checking your balance

You can see your current Ether and SONM Token balance at the top of the page at any time. It is the total sum of all added accounts.

Also the total balances of Ether and all added tokens you will see in the "My funds" section on the "Accounts" page. You may add any Ethereum ERC20 tokes to your wallet.


How to view your accounts

You can view your account addresses, balances and tokens total balances on the "Accounts" page.

How to create new account

  1. To create new account click "Create account" on the "Accounts" page.
  2. Enter strong password and password confirmation (minimum length is 8 symbols).
  3. Enter account name. Account names may be the same.
  4. Click the "Create account" button.
  5. Keystore file is created. View new account in the accounts’ list.
  6. You can change the account name using "edit" button near the current name.
  7. You can download account keystore file using "download" button near the account address.

You can create an unlimited number of accounts. Don’t forget or lose your account password.

How to add the account to the wallet

  1. To add your existing account click "Import account" on the "Accounts" page.
  2. Select Keystore / JSON file from your PC.
  3. Enter account password.
  4. Check previewing account address and gravatar below.
  5. Click the "Import" button.
  6. View the account in the accounts’ list.

Also you can:

  • Change the account name using "edit" button near the current name.
  • Download account keystore file using "download" button near the account address.
  • Copy account address using "copy" button near the account address. Please do not input your address by hand, only by copy-paste. It's very easy to make a mistake.
  • View your private key using "eye" button near the account address.
  • Delete account from the list using "delete" button near the account address. You may add this account again using your local keystore file.

You can add an unlimited number of accounts to any wallet. Don’t forget or lose your account password and keystore file.

Lost the account password

Wallet never store your account password. Wallet stores your keystore files, encrypted by your wallet’s password. Your private key is in the keystore file encrypted by your account password. This means that we cannot recover or reset your account password. So don’t forget or lose it.

Managing the account

To select the account click on the account address or gravatar on the "Accounts" page. You will see:

  • total Ether and tokens’ balance of account.
  • tokens, that have been added, and their balances.

You can:

  • view operation history from this account using the "View operation history" button.
  • send Ether or tokens from this account using the "Send" button near the currency.

How to get SONM test tokens

To get SONM test tokens:

  1. Select the account.
  2. Enter the account password after "SONM test tokens request" title.
  3. Click the "Give me SONM tokens!" button.
  4. Wait a minute. You will get 100 SNMT!


View your funds

You can view your coins and tokens with their balances in the "My funds" section on the "Accounts" page. Ethereum and SONM token are shown as a default and cannot be removed. SONM token is the virtual currency used for payments in SONM. It is a ERC20 standard token, based on Ethereum. SONM token allows you to buy computation power in SONM. Ether is needed for transactions’ fees.

Adding custom Ethereum ERC20 tokens

You can add any Ethereum ERC20 tokens to your wallet.

  1. Click the "Add token" button in the "My funds" section.
  2. Input token contract address.
    • If the address is not a token contract address or token is not ERC20, you will see the appropriate notification. Next you should input the correct address.
  3. Click the "Add" button.

Token will be displayed in the "My funds" section and in all your accounts.

Delete tokens

You can delete your custom token from the wallet with the exception of SONM token.

  1. Click the "Х" button near the token name in the "My funds" section.
  2. Click the "Delete" button to confirm the operation.

Token will not be displayed more. Transactions with this token will remain in the "History" page.


Sending Ether and tokens

  1. To send Ether or tokens navigate to the "Send" page or click the "Send" button near the currency on page with account information.
  2. Select the address you would like to send from in the "From:" field.
  3. Enter the address you would like to send to in the "To:" field.
  4. Select ‘Ether’ or token name in the currency field.
  5. Enter the amount you would like to send in the "Amount:" field. Value should be positive and less than total amount. The destination address must differ the sender address.
    • You can also click the "Add maximum" button if you would like the transfer the entire balance.
  6. Enter the gas limit and gas price.
    • You can also click the "low", "normal" or "high" button if you would like to use the preset value.
  7. Click the "Next" button.
  8. Transfer confirmation page appear. Double-check the addresses, amount, currency, are correct. To change information click "Back" button.
  9. Enter account password.
  10. Click "Send" button.
  11. The transaction will be submitted. You can see it in the "History" page.

What to do if you sent to the wrong address

Wallet are simply an interface that allows you to easily interact with the Ethereum blockchain. Unfortunately, this means we cannot:

  • Reverse or cancel transactions
  • Access your account
  • Recover your account
  • Send your ETH or tokens from one address to another
  • Recover your private key
  • Recover or reset your password

If the account belongs to someone or an exchange, you should attempt to reach out to them to find out if you can recover your Ether. You can see if it is an account in use by searching it on etherscan.io and seeing if there are any other transactions to or from the account.

What happens if the Gas limit or Gas price is not enough

Each transaction (including token and contract transactions) require gas and that gas is paid in Ether. You can think of this like a transaction fee. The more computational effort a transaction takes, the more gas you need. If the gas limit or gas price is not enough your transaction may be end with fail because of the size of the

Ethereum fees to make a transaction that is not known in advance. We recommend you to not reduce the preset values. Any excess gas will be returned to you, so you could even triple or quadruple it.

What happens if the connection fails

  • If the connection with blockchain node fails, you will see the notification. The notification will disappear when the connection is restored.
  • If the connection fails before you click "Send" button you will not be able to send a transaction before the connection is restored.
  • If the connection fails after you see "Transaction has been sent" page all is ok and your transaction has been sent to blockchain. Please wait a notification about transfer after the connection will be restored.
  • If the connection fails before you see "Transaction has been sent" page please wait a notification about transaction after the connection will be restored.


How to view your operation history

  1. To view your history of transactions navigate to the "History" page or click the "View operation history" button on page with account information.
  2. In the "History" page you can:
    • see your outgoing transactions
    • filter transactions by ‘from’ address, period, currency, ‘to’ address, TxHash.

What kind of transactions can you see

You can see only your outgoing transactions sending from Wallet application. Information about them saves locally on your PC encrypted by your wallet password.

How you can view all your transactions

You can view all your transactions on:


How can you use SONM GUI offline

You can use the following functions in SONM GUI offline:

  • View your accounts’ list without balances and tokens;
  • Download keystore files;
  • View your private keys;
  • Create new accounts;
  • View previous outgoing transactions history.


To exit the GUI click the "Door" button in the right top corner. You will see the SONM GUI login page.