Key benefits for Customers

SONM Customers (consumers, clients, buyers) are people and companies, that have a demand of computing powers - hardware PCs, servers or virtual machines of different kind. Customers define what resources and capabilities are required and what price is acceptable for them on the global decentralized marketplace of SONM.

Customer satisfaction is the highest priority for SONM.

We are constantly studying the current rental resource market, which is now limited to centralized cloud services, we see its advantages and disadvantages, and we want to offer our Customer the best.

Our Customers benefit from using SONM fog computing as an alternative to centralized cloud services in terms of scalability, cost effectiveness, future readiness and other (see below).

Key SONM IaaS benefits for Customers:

  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service based on modern Linux (x64), all types of hardware resources supported (CPU, memory, disks, GPU, network). Nvidia and ATI cards are both supported and hardware offer on the computational market.
  • General compatibility with existing applications - any application, that can run on Linux (x64) in Docker environment can run on SONM. Some restrictions and limitations apply, but general code base is compatible.
  • Modern deployment - applications are deployed on SONM network as Docker containers, an industry accepted and trending delivery method.
  • Consumer can select exact rental time, computer resources and price. This selected and settled terms and conditions will be provisioned with a guarantee, based on the Supplier's reputation, enforced by automated mechanisms.
  • Consumer has an ability to instantly grow and release resources in the computing fog - SONM is a global pool of resources with a perspective of being the largest available pool of resources on the planet.
  • Security is maintained on the application side with respect to Supplier's reputation. SONM is making research towards a hardware enforced security, but at this moment this is under work.
  • Already allows to scale out your application but requires you to program the scalability logic (you have to provide your own scheduler, orchestrator etc).
  • Compatibility with existing tools to run and control tasks (Docker Swarm, Kubernetes, Heroku, Google Containers). Currently based on Docker containers, later there would be API compatibility features and even integration with Kubernetes.
  • Resources purchase and application deployment ready for automation, all the operations are available as API, freedom to use or attach bots.
  • High market liquidity for purchasing resources.
  • SONM business logic is abstracted from single virtualization/container solution, and the vision is to provide support for other hypervisors and cluster management tools (Open Stack, Kubernetes, Docker Swarm).

The mentioned benefits describe the first stage of SONM development.

Next stages of development will be focused on Platform-as-a-Service and services in the fog.