Key benefits for Suppliers

SONM Suppliers (sellers, providers, workers, miners) are people and companies, that have computational resources and would like to either start making revenue from resources or to increase revenue from existing resource usage activities.

SONM makes a bridge between traditional cloud Customers and modern crypto-currency miners, bringing them to a unified marketplace.

People that run hardware for mining Proof-of-Work crypto-currencies have to:

  • select currency to mine,
  • constantly monitor their choice,
  • are limited to mining tasks and their profitability.

SONM acts as an alternative work provider, making sure, that any Supplier will always have profitable tasks. In the current time any computing resource can earn money by mining, but working for applications from the real world earns more. SONM delivers more profitable work from the cloud world to mining market, filling all the idle Suppliers with regular mining work (Ethereum, Monero, etc). This way every Supplier is guaranteed to have at least a work of mining-grade profitability with a chances for a better offer (depending on the Suppliers reputation and market demand).

Prices on mining fluctuate and are hard to predict. In the months, when mining is more profitable, more people try to get GPUs and look for mining fortune, lowering mining revenue up to the point of "mining for a socket" (revenues are close to electricity costs). However, demand from cloud market can help mitigate hardware owner's revenues.

SONM marketplace suggests most profitable applications and tasks for the hardware Suppliers - there are tasks for CPU and memory, GPU, disks and networking.

Key benefits for SONM Suppliers:

  • Marketplace act as an automated mining task selector - SONM market making service and third party arbitrage bots will constantly monitor different coins mining profitability and try to rent out your hardware for the best price available. If your hardware was rented for Ethereum mining, and then Monero becomes more profitable, resources will be overbought for mining Monero, this will happen when the current deal time is over.
  • Marketplace act as an automated device control service - it will feed all available devices with payed work.
  • This is not limited to mining, payload sources are diversified and mixed from real world application demand (tasks, that cost more, sometimes literally times higher prices) and mining opportunity (which is always existing, scales infinitely and can take any free resources from market for some guaranteed basic income).
  • Utilized all computing devices. In the mining world the CPU and memory we unused and a wasted resource. Now they will be utilized together with disks and network. Now all resources inside a PC are earning money and paying for themselves.
  • Reduced risks of PoW being abandoned, mining not paying for the investments in the hardware etc.
  • Integration with local on-premises resource scheduler (like OpenStack) is in the plan.
  • No legal problems with task running.
  • Stake on the future.

Make mining great again with SONM!