Cloud providers

Cloud providers can benefit from playing both Consumer and Supplier side in SONM network.

Cloud providers as SONM Consumers

As a Consumer cloud provider can gain extra cheap resources from SONM on demand.

For example, a hosting provider needs large extra storage for users backups. It has an option to buy new hard disks, install new hardware, configure networks, policies etc. Another option is to rent extra storage capacity at Amazon or Google or another big cloud provider. The third option is to use hardware supplied by SONM. This option will be obviously cheaper than previous two option, as there are much lower costs both for hardware acquisition and for support. Data security can easily be introduced on provider side.

Another example is starting GPU instances to the cloud provider customers. GPU is not common hardware for cloud provider infrastructure. Still this market is evolving and some cloud providers are willing to suggest new options to their customers. In this case SONM can provide unlimited GPU resources to provider and decrease market entrance costs and risks.

Thus SONM provides:

  • Unlimited resources on demand, including instances with CPUs, disks, RAM, GPUs
  • Low, competing prices
  • Docker container orchestration out-of-the box, compatible with Docker Swarm and Kubernetes (Not implemented in MVP).
  • Ability to run both exisitng and customised distributed application based on microservices (Not implemented in MVP).
  • API for integration and help of team with a huge experience in enterprise-level integration projects

SONM limitations:

  • SONM's resources are distributed across the world, their Internet connections can be poor, limiting calculation performance. Still Internet connection speeds of some dedicated SONM partners are comparable to local network, reaching 10 Gbit/s.
  • Few SONM's resources have high enterprise SLA figures. The application using SONM is to be aware of node failure and be able to scale and migrate automatically

Cloud providers as SONM Suppliers

On the other side cloud providers can become Suppliers for SONM network. They can rent spare resources out to SONM Consumers, generating extra income.

SONM provides:

  • Open market for spot instances
  • Applications, ready to use spot instances