Compute intensive services

These services include booking, route planning services, game servers and others.

SONM can provide:

  • Unlimited resources on demand with plenty of GPUs.
  • Low, competetive prices.
  • Compatibility with almost any dockerised application.
  • Truly distributed system without proprietary code for market. Deals, money transfers, user profiles and ratings are placed on block-chain using Ethereum contracts, enabling proven and fair consensus. Core components are open-source, hosted on

SONM limitations:

  • Enabling security requires additional efforts. The first option is to wait until SONM trusted platform execution using Intel TXT and SONM bootable USB is implemented (Not implemented in MVP). The second option is to use resources only from SONM technology partners, owning dedicated data centers, that are assesed for security and can sign NDA.
  • Few SONM's resources have high enterprise SLA figures. The application using SONM is to be aware of node failure and be able to scale and migrate automatically.