Miners (1 shared PC)

For those, who use their PCs with or without GPU and get involved in cryptocurrency mining when system is idle, SONM can provide:

  • Income that will be higher than your current mining values. Buy orders will always be present on SONM market, and the prices for them will be quite close to what your hardrware can mine. From time to time another orders for rendering, machine learning, etc. with higher prices will be placed, allowing higher incomes for miners.
  • SONM will automatically switch between different tasks (including minig) to get the most profitable one. It works much like Nicehash but can run more profitable non-mining tasks.
  • Improved security with mining in virtual machine.

SONM limitations:

  • GPU devices could not be shared between Windows and SONM.
  • Running SONM in virtual environment will make a small penalty about 5% on task execution speed - and revenues.