Miners (data centers)

For those who own a data center with dozens or hundreds GPU-mining rig, SONM can provide:

  • Income that will be higher than your current mining values. Buy orders will always be present on SONM market, and the prices for them will be quite close to what your hardrware can mine. From time to time another orders for rendering, machine learning, etc. with higher prices will be placed, allowing higher incomes ofr miners.
  • SONM will automatically switch between different tasks (including minig) to get the most profitable one. It works much like Nicehash but can run more profitable non-mining tasks.
  • Truly distributed system without proprietary code for market. Deals, money transfers, user profiles and ratings are placed on block-chain using Ethereum contracts, enabling proven and fair consensus. Core components are open-source, hosted on github.com.
  • Reduced business risk for PoS implementation for Ethereum. Miner will not loose it's business with PoW cancelling, it will still earn money with their rig.
  • Special partner program that will enable still higher incomes. Some SONM customers require security to be enforced, including NDA signment and data center security assessment. Data centers matching customer requirements can get exclusive tasks (e.g. 3D rendering contracts with well-known animation studios).

SONM limitations:

  • SONM can work only Linux, so Linux administration skills are required. SONM also enables an easy start option: bootable USB flash-drive with Linux optimised for SONM mining with remote monitoring and access capabilities included (not implemented in MVP).
  • SONM may require hardware upgrade to accept more profitable jobs.