R&D teams, webservices admins

SONM is a platform for testing and deploying distributed applications based on microservices.

Special case distributed applications with paranoic security, like ProtonMail, where all data is encrypted and keys are stored only client-side. SONM fits well such types of application, as its security limitations don't matter.

SONM can provide:

  • Docker container orchestration out-of-the box, compatible with Docker Swarm and Kubernetes (not implemented in MVP).
  • Serverless plugin to develop autoscaling applications to run on SONM (Not implemented in MVP) Unlimited resources on demand .
  • Broad range of resource configurations to check.
  • Testbed for distributed applications (parameterised network speed and latencies, node failures).
  • Low, competitive prices to GCP, EC2.

SONM limitations:

  • SDK in progress, only IaaS level is implemented (not implemented in MVP).
  • Enabling security requires additional efforts. The first option is yo wait until SONM trusted platform execution using Intel TXT and SONM bootable USB is implemented (not implemented in MVP). The second option is to use resources only from SONM technology partners, owning dedicated data centers, that are assesed for security and can sign NDA. The limit can be also overcome by runing only insecure part of application on SONM, or enabling strict encryption for data hosted and processed in SONM.
  • Few SONM's resources have high enterprise SLA figures. The applications using SONM is to be aware of node failure and be able to scale and migrate automatically.