Regular companies with spare computing resources

Regular companies can have spare computing resources. For example they could have bought plenty of hardwre, but the project for which it was to be used, didn't start on time.

For such situations SONM can provide:

  • Decrease maintenance costs.
  • Decrease ROI penalties for project implementation delays
  • Easy way to rent out hardware with SONM usb boot
  • Truly distributed system without proprietary code for market. Deals, money transfers, user profiles and ratings are placed on block-chain using Ethereum contracts, enabling proven and fair consensus. Core components are open-source, hosted on

SONM limitations:

  • SONM can work only Linux, so Linux administration skills are required. SONM also enables an easy start option: bootable USB flash-drive with Linux optimised for SONM mining with remote monitoring and access capabilities included (not implemented in MVP). Still system administrator may have to solve issues with drivers for special or unique hardware.
  • SONM requires Internet access. Still, NAT or DMZ setup can be implemented to increase network security.