How to update SONM for a new version

For Consumer (buyer of computational resources)

Just run update script in your terminal:

sudo bash -c "$(curl -s"

For Supplier (hardware owner)

  1. Swich worker in maintenance mode.

sonmcli worker maintenance 0h

You may read more about maintenance mode here.

  1. Wait when all your deals will be closed and and all your orders will be removed.

You can check it by this script:

sonmcli worker ask-plan list |grep order

When worker maintenance mode will be activated (no active orders), proceed to next step.

  1. Run update script with your master address. Make sure that this address is correct.

sudo bash -c "$(curl -s" -s YOUR_MASTER_ADDRESS

  1. Wait for hardware benchmarks to finish (docker ps wil show no running containers)

sudo docker ps

  1. Check worker status

sonmcli worker status

  1. If all is correct, then switch maintenance mode OFF

sonmcli worker maintenance 10000h

Congratulations! You have completed the update.