How to easy keep an eye on your stats in SONM network

For the convenience of users SONM, the developers made a bot in a Telegram, user can subscribe address to it, after that the bot will automatically send the following notifications:

  • The deal was opened, changed and closed;
  • Counterparty ETH address, if your address was blacklisted;

To subscribe to the bot, follow that link and click start.

List of @SONM_MarketBot commands:

  • Subscribe address to receive automatic notifications: /watch <ethKey>.   Example:/watch 0xe7517190DB97Ea55E985abdA33745AfC41a83592
  • Show all subscribed addresses: /keys
  • Disable automatic notifications for specified address: /remove <ethKey>.   Example:/remove 0xe7517190DB97Ea55E985abdA33745AfC41a83592
  • Get a list of current deals: /deals <ethKey>.    Example:/deals 0xe7517190DB97Ea55E985abdA33745AfC41a83592
  • View list of users who blacklisted your key: /blacklist <ethKey>.    Example:/blacklist 0xe7517190DB97Ea55E985abdA33745AfC41a83592