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Install from DEB packages

Updated on 08-02-2018

SONM Consumer need following platform components:

  • CLI
  • Node

SONM Supplier need following components:

  • CLI
  • Node
  • Hub
  • Worker
  1. Download packages from SONM Repository for your OS: wget {package download URL}
  2. Install packages: sudo dpkg -i {package filename}
  3. Configure SONM components:

NOTE Configuration files location:

  • CLI: ~/.sonm/cli.yaml
  • other components: /etc/sonm

Node, Hub and Worker are installing as system services and running on OS boot. You may reboot your system to run SONM components for the first time, or start them manually: sudo service sonm-node start (for example).

You may see logs with journalctl -fu sonm-node command (for example)